Nikolay Vladimirov

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Organizational measures, surgical techniques and surgical activity have proved to affect the morbidity rate of suppurative septic infections. Gram-negative bacilli have been shown to cause suppurative septic infections mostly as the result of superinfection.
The patients with infected wounds of the extremities were treated with kanamycin electrophoresis in combination with chlorhexidine bigluconate, an antiseptic. As compared to the patients treated with kanamycin alone, the rate of the wound size decrease in such patients was 2 times higher. The levels of microbial contamination in these patients were much(More)
Porphyrin and pyrene photoactive cores have been encapsulated within an isolating polymeric shell using an efficient and general strategy based on the use of dendritic initiators for the ring-opening polymerization of epsilon-caprolactone to yield functional core star polymers. The isolation of the core functionalities has been studied using fluorescence(More)
We report herein the synthesis and characterization of 9-(2-diallylaminoethyl) adenine. We evaluated two different synthetic routes starting with adenine where the optimal route was achieved through coupling of 9-(2-chloroethyl)adenine with diallylamine. The cyclopolymerization and cyclo-copolymerization of 9-(2-diallylaminoethyl)adenine hydrochloride salt(More)
This article describes the enzyme-catalyzed "green" synthesis of an unnatural poly(amino acid). dl-Tyrosine was polymerized under environmentally friendly conditions using linear-dendritic laccase complexes as initiators and water as solvent. The influence of the dendron generation in the linear-dendritic copolymers, the monomer concentration, and time and(More)
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