Nikolay Valtchanov

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This work presents the SIDnet, a simulation-based environment for applications development in wireless sensor networks settings. It enables run-time interactions with the network for the purpose of observing the behavior of algorithms protocols in the presence of various conditions such as phenomena fluctuations, or a sudden loss of service both at an(More)
This work addresses the problem of managing the reactive behavior in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). We consider settings in which the occurrence of a particular event, detected in a state that satisfies a given condition, should fire the execution of an action. We observe that in WSN settings, both the event and condition may pertain to some continuous(More)
We address the problem of extending the lifetime of wireless sensor networks using multi-path routing based on a family of flexible routes with soft quality of service guarantees in terms of the packets’ delivery latency. We introduce a methodology based on Bezier curves as guiding trajectories in the routing process and we address the balancing of the(More)
GPS is the premier method of localization and way finding in outdoor environments. Indoor environments prevent GPS from functioning properly or at all. RF-based solutions have been proposed using varieties of radio triangulation and spectral fingerprinting. Such technically attractive methods have not seen widespread adoption in places where the demand is(More)
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