Nikolay V. Butyrlagin

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The circuit principle of construction of the low-speed selective amplifiers (SA) of microwave range on the energy-efficient converters "voltage-current" is developed. The proposed solution provides the possibility of cascade connection of several SA without additional loops of matching of the static mode. The principle of symmetry of the frequency-dependent(More)
The new architectures of the high-speed operational amplifier (op-amp) based on the complementary folded cascodes (FCs), which form the intermediate stage of op-amp, are suggested. In the folded cascode the circuit techniques, excluding the traditional limitations of its output current, which recharges the balancing capacitor of op-amp, are provided. It(More)
The architectural solutions of the differential stages (DS) on the bipolar SiGe transistors of microwave range operating at low voltage supply are suggested. The peculiarity of the reviewed circuits lies in the absence of the traditional current references in the common emitter loop of DS which is changed by comparatively low-ohmic resistor (R<sub>0</sub>).(More)
Analysis of architectural and circuit limitations on voltage gain (Gain) of the classical stages with a common base and a common emitter at a low-voltage supply are considered. It is also considered methods of improving voltage gain which are based on the principles of their mutual compensation impedances that have a negative impact on voltage gain. The(More)