Nikolay S Kositsyn

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Cross-correlation functions were used to study the time delay (a measure of synchronization) in the appearance of epileptic discharges in distant areas of the cortex in the intact cortex and in neuronally isolated cortical strips in Wistar rats. Experiments were performed at different stages of axon sprouting 30 and 90 days after isolation of cortical areas(More)
The modem literature data were observed, which dedicated to the study of neurobiological studies of gamma-rhythm mechanisms, providing the cognitive functions in hymans: state of readiness and attention, providing of sensory indentification, perception and memorizations, decision-making, management of psychomotor response, emotional and semantic processing(More)
The pharmacological efficacy of cerebrolysin (a brain-derived peptidergic drug) was studied in rats with a unilateral hemorrhagic stroke model. Cerebrolysin produces a neuroprotective effect, which is manifested by a decrease in the number of degenerated neurons in the vicinity of hematoma region in acute period and by a reduction of the neuronal loss in(More)
6 According to the traditional concepts, olfactory chemoreceptor neurons generally have a stable mor phological organization and functional specificity [1]. However, study of adaptive recombination in the olfactory system of endemic Baikal fish (Cottocome phorus grewingki, Dyb), the phenomenon of chemore ceptor differentiation into cells of secretory type(More)
According to modern views the formation of atherosclerotic plaques is associated with accumulation of cholesterol in the vascular wall. This is due to an imbalance between the intake of cholesterol in the intima of vessels, together with the low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and its output with high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Change of LDL (glycosylation,(More)
The article continues the series of our publications on the problem of nitric oxide (NO) and its cyclic conversion in mammals. This review is held to analysis of nitric oxide role in regulation of cardiovascular system and in alocation of NO-synthases in myocardium. Molecular, biochemical and cytophysiological aspects that linked, with spatial localization(More)
Studies in long-term isolated areas of the rat neocortex were performed to investigate the dynamics of the numbers and areas of nerve cell bodies in layer V and to compare these data with the degree of synchronization of epileptic discharges evoked by application of penicillin. Decreases in the number of pyramidal neurons with body areas of 200–350 μm2 in(More)
A standardized experimental model of intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke in small laboratory animals is developed and advanced for chronic neurobiological studies of normal and pathological higher nervous activity as well as disorders developed after acute hemorrhages. A device is advanced which allows a researcher to destroy appropriate brain structures(More)
Quantitative analysis of synapses in layer I of the sensorimotor cortex in rats with low resistance to hypoxia revealed pronounced changes in the number of synaptic vesicles docked at the presynaptic membrane in active synaptic zones under conditions of acute hypobaric hypoxia. In high-resistant animals the number of docked synaptic vesicles under these(More)
We studied certain aspects of interaction between (3H)aldosterone and the cytoplasmic as well as nuclear receptors of renal cells in the rats during compensatory renal hypertrophy at the background of reflex renal dystrophy. The dystrophy developing in the kidney after cutting the sciatic nerve blocks the compensatory increase in specific accumulation of(More)