Nikolay Orlovsky

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The phenotypic variation and response of plants to water stress were studied in a field trial in populations of wild barley, Hordeum spontaneum Koch. from Israel and Turkmenistan. Populations from the species distributional core and periphery were compared and contrasted for phenotypic variation in 16 phenological and morphological traits. The peripheral(More)
Populations of wild barley, H. spontaneum Koch., were collected in two countries, Israel and Turkmenistan, in environments representing two similar sharp clines of aridity. This allowed us to use the same criteria to define species core and periphery in two regions. Plants from 10 Israeli and 19 Turkmenian populations were grown in a field trial with three(More)
The study of the spatial distribution of the severe and very severe dust storms over the Central Asian area has been carried out. The dust storm event can be considered as severe if it lasts 3–12 h, storms with wind speed 10–14 m/s and meteorological visibility in the range of 500–1000 m. The extremely severe dust storms last more than 12 h, with the wind(More)
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