Nikolay N. Zavalishin

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The histological structure and mechanical properties of the pulmonary trunk and its valves were studied in 35 complexes of the pulmonary artery of man. The valvular apparatus of the pulmonary trunk is formed by anatomical elements with different morphological structures. In it there are elements which might be considered from standpoints of biomechanics as(More)
Hydraulic characteristics of heart valve bioprostheses mounted on supporting structures of various rigidity have been studied under physiologic conditions. An actual mobility of the supporting structures made of different polymers is determined. Static and dynamic components of the support displacements have been shown to develop as the bioprosthesis is(More)
Svirezhev’s method of dynamic model design by a given “storage-flow” diagram [Svirezhev Y.M., 1997. On some general properties of trophic networks. Ecol. Model. 99, 7–17] is developed and used for investigating dynamic regimes of carbon cycle functioning in a typical boreal transitional bog ecosystem. Ecosystems are often represented by static(More)
The techniques of determining the supporting structure dimensions are analyzed. The shortcomings of the available techniques based on the measurements of the aortic roots when they are under internal pressure are emphasized. Some errors inherent to techniques commonly used to determine the mobility of the base ring of the aortic valve are demonstrated. Our(More)