Nikolay M Loim

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H(2)TFcP [TFcP = 5,10,15,20-tetraferrocenyl porphyrin(2-)] was prepared by a direct tetramerization reaction between pyrrole and ferrocene carbaldehyde in the presence of a BF(3) catalyst, while the series of MTFcP (M = Zn, Ni, Co and Cu) were prepared by a metallation reaction between H(2)TFcP and respective metal acetates. All compounds were characterized(More)
Redox properties of H(2)TFcP [TFcP(2-) = 5,10,15,20-tetraferrocenylporphyrin(2-)] were investigated using cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse voltammetry, and square-wave voltammetry methods in a large variety of solvents and electrolytes. When DMF, THF, and MeCN were used with TBAP as the supporting electrolyte, the first oxidation wave was assigned to(More)
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