Nikolay Kirov

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We present a software tool for searching word images in scanned text documents. We consider that the document pages are represented as files in tif, jpg, gif, png, bmp and other graphic file formats. Our experiments prove the efficiency of the proposed approach and show that such type of search could be successful. Examples of using various languages are(More)
The Hausdorff type distances between the sets of points on the plane are the commonly used similarity measures for binary images. In this work we present several such measures in a unified manner and introduce a new, naturally arisen variant of Hausdorff distance. The matching performance of all similarity measures is compared by computer experiments, using(More)
Background Macedonia is the birthplace of the glagolic alphabet. In fact, some of the oldest and most significant texts written in the glagolic alphabet are found in the Republic of Macedonia. Every nation is recognized by its tradition and cultural heritage. Therefore, it is crucial, especially in the age of globalization, for every nation to protect and(More)
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