Nikolay Fedorov

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High-order harmonic generation in polyatomic molecules generally involves multiple channels of ionization. Their relative contribution can be strongly influenced by the presence of resonances, whose assignment remains a major challenge for high-harmonic spectroscopy. Here we present a multi-modal approach for the investigation of unaligned polyatomic(More)
The models of network control and resource management in stochastic environment are of great importance. The choice of models and methods depends on adequacy of identification and real measurements of traffic characteristics. Without robust theoretical preconditions network environment modeling will fail to simple simulation results. Therefore Internet as(More)
442 The Southern Urals are a unique region for research on ecocenotic differentiation between closely related species that often grow together in the same plant communities. Analysis of such differentiation makes it possible to reveal the ecocenotic strategies of the species and predict changes in their proportions in plant communities under the effects of(More)
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