Nikolay F Yudanov

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Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite characterized by a low misorientation of crystallites is fluorinated using a gaseous mixture of BrF(3) with Br(2) at room temperature. The golden-colored product, easily delaminating into micrometer-size transparent flakes, is an intercalation compound where Br(2) molecules are hosted between fluorinated graphene layers of(More)
Orientation dependencies of FeK, BrK EXAFS and XANES spectra have been measured for intercalated compounds of the composition CZF, *yA (X = 1 . A= Brz, BrF3, FeBr3, Fe(AA)3, FeCl3) synthesized by dityusion from solutions. An approach has been developed which allows determination of the ranges of the orientation angles of T-shaped BrF3 molecules tiom XANES(More)
Magnetic susceptibility χ of pristine and brominated arc-produced sample of multi-wall carbon nanotubes was measured from 4.2 to 400 K. An additional contribution ∆χ(T) to diamagnetic susceptibility χ(T) of carbon nanotubes was found at T < 50 K for both samples. It is shown that ∆χ(T) are dominated by quantum correction to χ for interaction electrons(More)
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