Nikolay A. Anisimov

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This paper addresses the problem of designing communication protocols within the Petri net approach. Some recent results in combining Petri nets and compositionality are presented, and we argue that it should be possible to exploit these for protocol engineering. We outline a systematic approach to the design of protocol systems. At the top level, we use(More)
Proactive contact campaigns play a growing role in modern contact centers. Their traditional usage as a telemarketing tool now is widely extended to different types of service notifications. In this paper we describe the most common model of a proactive telephone contact campaign, suggest several methods of its pacing algorithm and present simulation(More)
In this paper, we consider a way to represent contact center applications as a set of multiple XML documents written in different markups including VoiceXML and CCXML. Applications can comprise a dialog with IVR, call routing and agent scripting functionalities. We also consider ways how such applications can be executed in run-time contact center(More)
In this paper we describe an ongoing project aimed at investigating the impact of feature interaction problems on computer telephony integration (CTI). As a representative and sophisticated example of CTI we use a call center. We outline a typical structure of a call-center that comprises computing and telephony equipment, software and personnel. We then(More)
The problem of Petri nets application to real-world parallel and distributed systems of industrial size causes developing of the compositionality within the theory of Petri nets. This paper presents a tools which is an attempt in resolving this problem. We suggest solution based on an algebraic approach of Petri net representation. Two levels of(More)