Nikolay A. Anisimov

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It is well known that Erlang C and Erlang B models play an important role in telephony call centers as they allow estimating workforce demand for inbound and outbound calls. At the same time for real-world call centers these modes are quite limited as they do not take into consideration abandonment of calls. In operational research the queue model that(More)
Proactive contact campaigns play a growing role in modern contact centers. Their traditional usage as a telemarketing tool now is widely extended to different types of service notifications. In this paper we describe the most common model of a proactive telephone contact campaign, suggest several methods of its pacing algorithm and present simulation(More)
In this paper, we consider a way to represent contact center applications as a set of multiple XML documents written in different markups including VoiceXML and CCXML. Applications can comprise a dialog with IVR, call routing and agent scripting functionalities. We also consider ways how such applications can be executed in run-time contact center(More)
The calculation of dimensions is a useful tool to quantify structural information of artificial and natural objects. There are some types of dimension [9]: the Euclidean one, the Hausdorff-Besicovitch dimension, and so on. We are going to work with the fractal dimension in the special case of text documents. There are many objects which fractal dimension(More)