Nikolaus Witte

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Regular triangulations of products of lattice polytopes are constructed with the additional property that the dual graphs of the triangulations are bipartite. The (weighted) size difference of this bipartition is a lower bound for the number of real roots of certain sparse polynomial systems by recent results of Soprunova and Sottile [Adv. Math.(More)
Izmestiev and Joswig described how to obtain a simplicial covering space (the partial unfolding) of a given simplicial complex, thus obtaining a simplicial branched cover [Adv. Geom. 3(2):191-255, 2003]. We present a large class of branched covers which can be constructed via the partial unfolding. In particular, for d ≤ 4 every closed oriented PL(More)
This note wants to explain how to obtain meaningful pictures of (possibly high-dimensional) convex polytopes, triangulated manifolds, and other objects from the realm of geometric combinatorics such as tight spans of finite metric spaces and tropical polytopes. In all our cases we arrive at specific, geometrically motivated, graph drawing problems. The(More)
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