Nikolaus Sabathiel

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Conventional therapies do not provide paralyzed patients with closed-loop sensorimotor integration for motor rehabilitation. Paired associative stimulation (PAS) uses brain-computer interface (BCI) technology to monitor patients' movement imagery in real-time, and utilizes the information to control functional electrical stimulation (FES) and bar feedback(More)
Brain-computer interface (BCI) systems have been used primarily to provide communication for persons with severe movement disabilities. This paper presents a new system that extends BCI technology to a new patient group: persons diagnosed with stroke. This system, called recoveriX, is designed to detect changes in motor imagery in real-time to help monitor(More)
Fractal dimensions of data series, particularly time series can be estimated very well by using Higuchi's algorithm. Without phase space constructions, the fractal dimension of a one-dimensional data stream is calculated. Higuchi's method is well accepted and widely applied, because it is very reliable and easy to implement. A generalization of the genuine(More)
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