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TopoToolbox contains a set of Matlab functions that provide utilities for relief analysis in a non-Geographical Information System (GIS) environment. The tools have been developed to support the work flow in combined spatial and non-spatial numerical analysis. They offer flexible and user-friendly software for hydrological and geomorphological research that(More)
Sediment generated by interrill erosion is commonly assumed to be enriched in soil organic carbon (SOC) compared to the source soil. However, the reported SOC enrichment ratios (ER SOC) vary widely. It is also noteworthy that most studies reported that the ER SOC is greater than unity, while conservation of mass dictates that the ER SOC of sediment must be(More)
The use of sediment settling velocity based on mineral grain size distribution in erosion models ignores the effects of aggregation on settling velocity. The alternative approach, wet-sieved aggregate size distribution, on the other hand, cannot represent all destructive processes that eroded soils may experience under impacting raindrops. Therefore,(More)
Graslandes überstiegen haben. Abstract Composite fingerprinting represents an effective method of reconstructing sediment-source changes in remote areas where long-term hydrological and sediment accretion records do not exist. A ca. 50-year record of sediment deposition was determined for a small catchment at Shudu, situated in northwest Yunnan Province,(More)
Woodlands and savannahs provide essential ecosystem functions and services to communities. On the African continent, they are widely utilized and converted to subsistence and intensive agriculture or urbanized. This study investigates changes in land cover over four administrative regions of North Eastern Namibia within the Kalahari woodland savannah biome,(More)
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