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Pancreatic arteriovenous malformation (PAVM) is a very rare and mostly congenital lesion, with less than 80 cases described in the English-published literature. It is defined as a tumorous vascular abnormality that is constructed between an anomalous bypass anastomosis of the arterial and venous networks within the pancreas. It represents about 5% of all(More)
We prove that if (X, A, P) is an arbitrary probability space with countably generated σ-algebra A, (Y, B, Q) is an arbitrary complete probability space with a lifting ρ and R is a complete probability measure on A ⊗ R B determined by a regular conditional probability {Sy : y ∈ Y } on A with respect to B, then there exist a lifting π on ⊗ R B and every y ∈ Y(More)
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