Nikolas Haliasos

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Two different tape measurement techniques were tested for anterior spinal flexion in 393 children varying in age from 7 to 14 years. With one technique the skin distraction was found to be more than 6 cm and with the other one more than 4.7 cm. Both were age-dependent but were independent of height and weight.
Percutaneous venography of the internal spermatic vein was performed for the localization of unpalpable testicles in 5 patients varying from 4 to 45 years of age. The catheterization of the vein on the left side was successful in all 5 cases; and the testicle was localized and verified by surgery in all but one case in which a competent valve prevented the(More)
We report an unusual case of a patient with a ventriculo-pleural shunt presenting with signs and symptoms of heart failure due to massive pericardial effusion. Imaging revealed the distal shunt catheter end within the middle mediastinum to have migrated from the pleural space. The patient underwent a shunt revision procedure resulting in complete resolution(More)
CONTEXT Surgery for the rheumatoid cervical spine has been shown to stabilize the unstable spine; arrest/improve the progression of neurological deficit, help neck pain, and possibly decelerate the degenerative disease process. Operative intervention for the rheumatoid spine has significantly changed over the last 30 years. AIMS The purpose of this study(More)
Two unusual variations of the Vena cava inferior, as shown by CT examinations, are reported and characteristic X-rays, as well as CT scans, are presented. The first case shows an IVC course to the left of the aorta and the second case absence of the intrahepatic portion of the IVC with azygos continuation. Difficulties in the differential diagnosis are(More)
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