Nikolaos Zervos

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Next-generation mobile/wireless networks are already under preliminary deployment. Mobile/wireless all-IP networks are expected to provide a substantially wider and enhanced range of services. However, an evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach to the deployment of a global all-IP wireless/mobile network is expected. To support global roaming,(More)
A new control method based on differential flatness theory is developed in this study, aiming at solving the problem of regulation of haemodynamic parameters. Actually control of the cardiac output (volume of blood pumped out by heart per unit of time) and of the arterial blood pressure is achieved through the administered infusion of cardiovascular drugs(More)
A new nonlinear optimal control approach is proposed for autonomous navigation of unmanned surface vessels. The dynamic model of the surface vessels undergoes approximate linearization round local operating points which are redefined at each iteration of the control algorithm. These temporary equilibria consist of the last value of the vessel's state vector(More)