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In this article we present a novel approach to model visual comfort based on supervised state-based machine learning with Hidden Markov Models and one easy-to-obtain variable (illuminance measurements at the horizontal work-plane; E desk). Data mining was performed on sensor data recorded for two years in a single-occupant office room and the developed(More)
In this paper, an investigation of the behaviour of a high step-up DC/DC converter is conducted as an application in a Static Waste Heat Recovery System (SWHRS) for ships with DC bus. It is proven that a higher step-up ratio can be achieved with the proposed DC/DC converter compared with that of a classical step-up converter, even in a high power level.(More)
We aim at the elaboration of Information Systems able to optimize energy consumption in buildings while preserving human comfort. Our focus is in the use of state-based stochas-tic modeling applied to temporal signals acquired from heterogeneous sources such as distributed sensors, weather web services, calendar information and user triggered events. Our(More)
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