Nikolaos Vogiatzis

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The e-Photon/ONe Network of Excellence (NoE) brings together a significant slection of the European research groups that are active on photonic networking research topics. In this framework optical switching is seen as an important research topic and new approaches and concepts are emerging. In this work two such concepts are illustrated. The first is(More)
There are numerous reasons why the current crop of transport systems is implemented either as independent/individual systems or weakly integrated systems. This can partly be accounted from by way of technological legacy in which many of these systems were first designed, where the design philosophy was to create individually large systems (based on the fact(More)
This work presents results of theoretical study of semiconductor vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) with two-dimensional photonic crystal (PC) waveguide incorporated into laser cavity. The model is designed for the understanding and optimization of VCSELs with incorporated PCs. Static and dynamic characteristics were investigated. It was found(More)
The influence of compositional fluctuations of N in GaInNAs Quantum Well (QW) lasers has been studied using a rate equation model. These fluctuations can be treated as Quantum-Dot (QD)-like fluctuations at the Conduction Band Edge (CBE). The gain model includes the QW material gain derived using a Band Anti-Crossing (BAC) model and includes QD fluctuations(More)
We present calculations for the band structure of bulk and confined quantum well and quantum wire GaInNAs structures. To treat this non-randomly alloyed material system we follow previous approaches in using an Anderson impurity model where the nitrogen localized states interact with the GaInAs conduction band states. We solve this model using Matsubara(More)
This paper discusses the control scheme for vehicle control for a future integrated transportation system forming a type of new generation of Intelligent Transportation SystemITS. The approach generally is focuses on the mechanisms for how to detect or estimate incidents on roads and to then communicate the information to each vehicle. The individual(More)
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