Nikolaos Vlassopoulos

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I. INTRODUCTION Signal processing and telecommunication applications require FFT implementations that can perform large size, low latency computations while exhibiting low power consumption [12]. These demanding computational tasks are executed either by a single, high frequency embedded processor [5] or by using an Application Specific Integrated Circuit(More)
A motion estimation architecture allowing the execution of a variety of block-matching search techniques is presented in this paper. The ability to choose the most efficient search technique with respect to speeding up the process and locating the best matching target block leads to the improvement of the quality of service and the performance of the video(More)
Recommended by Lionel Torres We consider here the feasibility of gathering multiple computational resources by means of decentralized and simple local rules. We study such decentralized gathering by means of a stochastic model inspired from biology: the aggregation of the Dictyostelium discoideum cellular slime mold. The environment transmits information(More)
The stochastic Greenberg-Hastings cellular automaton is a model that mimics the propagation of reaction-diffusion waves in active media. Notably, this model undergoes a phase transition when the probability of excitation of a cell varies. We developed a specific FPGA design to study the critical behavior of this model. Using dedicated architectural(More)