Nikolaos Vlaikidis

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BACKGROUND TMS is being increasingly used as a noninvasive brain stimulation technique for the therapeutic management of partial epilepsies. However, the acute effects of TMS on epileptiform discharges (EDs, i.e. interictal epileptiform activity and subclinical electrographic seizure patterns) remain unexplored. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether TMS can(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to assess the plasma levels of homocysteine in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and to investigate whether an association with depression exists. METHODS Plasma homocysteine (Hcy), vitamin B12 and plasma folate were measured in 65 moderately disabled patients with relapsing/remitting MS (RR-MS) and 60 healthy(More)
BACKGROUND Depression and anxiety are common psychiatric symptoms in patients with epilepsy, exerting a profound negative effect on health-related quality of life. Several issues, however, pertaining to their association with psychosocial, seizure-related and medication factors, remain controversial. Accordingly, the present study was designed to(More)
We describe the case of a patient with bilateral thalamic lesions due to brain infarcts in the paramedian thalamic artery territories. The patient demonstrated symptoms of apathy (e.g., loss of initiative and interest in others, poor motivation, flattened affect). Neuropsychological assessment 3 and 5 years post-infarct revealed severe deficits in verbal(More)
BACKGROUND Auditory processing disorders involve deficits in the processing of information in the auditory domain that are not due to higher order language, cognitive or other related factors. PURPOSE To evaluate the possibility of structural brain abnormalities in preterm children manifesting as auditory processing disorders. RESEARCH DESIGN A case(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate, by transcranial magnetic stimulation, the effects of valproate on silent period and corticomotor excitability. METHODS thirty patients with generalized epilepsy were studied at baseline, and re-examined 4 (S1) and 25 (S2) weeks after the administration of valproate (mean dose: 1040 +/- 284 mg). Transcranial magnetic stimulation(More)
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