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—ICDAR 2011 Writer Identification Contest is the first contest which is dedicated to record recent advances in the field of writer identification using established evaluation performance measures. The benchmarking dataset of the contest was created with the help of 26 writers that were asked to copy eight pages that contain text in several languages(More)
ICDAR 2009 Handwriting Segmentation Contest was organized in the context of ICDAR2009 conference in order to record recent advances in off-line handwriting segmentation. The contest includes handwritten document images produced by many writers in several languages (English, French, German and Greek). These images are manually annotated in order to produce(More)
Document digitization with either flatbed scanners or camera-based systems results in document images which often suffer from warping and perspective distortions that deteriorate the performance of current OCR approaches. In this paper, we present a goal-oriented rectification methodology to compensate for undesirable document image distortions aiming to(More)
In this paper a complete OCR methodology for recognizing historical documents, either printed or handwritten without any knowledge of the font, is presented. This methodology consists of three steps: The first two steps refer to creating a database for training using a set of documents, while the third one refers to recognition of new document images.(More)
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Writer identification is important for forensic analysis, helping experts to deliberate on the authenticity of documents. The general objective of the ICFHR 2012 Writer Identification Contest is to record recent advances in the field of writer identification using established evaluation performance measures. Challenge 1 of the contest deals specifically(More)
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