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OBJECTIVES Most thyroid textbooks describe hypothyroidism resulting in changes in the length of the menstrual cycle and in the amount of bleeding. Our experience at a busy thyroid clinic had given a picture which differs from that presented in the literature. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency and type of menstrual irregularities in(More)
The aim of this controlled prospective study was to investigate resistin levels in hypothyroidism before and after restoration of euthyroidism and correlate the results with body weight (BW), body fat (BF), waist circumference (WC), body mass index (BMI) and serum insulin levels. Fifty-three hypothyroid patients with Hashimoto's disease (6 males, 47(More)
Over the past decade it has been established that adipose tissue is capable of secreting a variety of hormones, cytokines, growth factors, and other peptides that are capable of changing adipocyte biology as well as different organ systems, like the central nervous system, liver, pancreas, and skeletal muscles. Also, it is well known that changes of thyroid(More)
To determine whether serum levels of total (T) and free (F) IGF-I and -II and IGF binding protein (IGFBP),-1, -2, and -3 are normal in euthyroid patients with Graves' disease and active thyroid ophthalmopathy, we investigated the above-mentioned parameters in 21 patients (11 male, 10 female) aged 50.8 +/- 11.8 yr (range 35-70) and 19 healthy individuals(More)
OBJECTIVE Octreotide, a potent long-acting synthetic somatostatin analogue, has been reported to have a beneficial effect in thyroid eye disease (TED), but the precise mechanism of action remains unexplained. 111In-DTPA-D-Phe1-octreotide (Octreoscan-111) has been used to localize a number of endocrine tumours and visualize somatostatin receptors in the(More)
Both smoking and thyroid dysfunction are frequent in the general population. Many studies have shown that cigarette smoking interferes with thyroid function and with the evolution of thyroid pathology (e.g. goiter formation and thyroid cancer development). Some studies have also suggested a significant correlation of Graves' hyperthyroidism and Graves'(More)
CONTEXT Erectile dysfunction (ED) is associated with numerous diseases and aging. OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to investigate the impact of hyper- and hypothyroidism on male sexual health by using the Sexual Health Inventory for Males (SHIM). DESIGN Seventy-one men, 27 hyper- and 44 hypothyroid and a similar number of controls were included(More)
Primary hyperparathyroidism is a heterogeneous clinical entity. In the clinical setting, the diagnosis and management of familial isolated hyperparathyroidism (FIHP) and other familial hyperparathyroidism (FHPT) forms continue to rely on clinical, laboratory, and histological findings, with careful examination of the family. In this article, we report a(More)
The most common thyroid diseases during pregnancy are hyper- and hypothyroidism and their variants including isolated hypothyroxinemia (hypo-T4), autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) and different types of goiter. AITD represents the main cause of hypothyroidism during pregnancy ranging in prevalence between 5 and 20% with an average of 7.8%. The incidence of(More)
Despite the high prevalence of thyroid diseases in the general population, the impact of the latter on male reproductive function has been the subject of only a few well-controlled clinical studies. Hyperthyroidism appears to cause alterations in the sex steroid hormone metabolism as well as in spermatogenesis and fertility. Sperm motility is mainly(More)