Nikolaos Polatidis

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— The use of mobile devices in combination with the rapid growth of the internet has generated an information overload problem. Recommender systems is a necessity to decide which of the data are relevant to the user. However in mobile devices there are different factors who are crucial to information retrieval, such as the location, the screen size and the(More)
Due to the rapid growth of the internet in conjunction with the information overload problem the use of recommender systems has started to become necessary for both e-businesses and customers. However there are other factors such as privacy and trust that make customers suspicious. This paper gives an overview of recommendation systems, the benefits that(More)
The use of mobile devices and the rapid growth of the internet and networking infrastructure has brought the necessity of using Ubiquitous recom-mender systems. However in mobile devices there are different factors that need to be considered in order to get more useful recommendations and increase the quality of the user experience. This paper gives an(More)
The communication of potential students with a university department is performed manually and it is a very time consuming procedure. The opportunity to communicate with on a one-to-one basis is highly valued. However with many hundreds of applications each year, one-to-one conversations are not feasible in most cases. The communication will require a(More)
" Infobots " are small-scale natural language question answering systems drawing inspiration from ELIZA-type systems. Their key distinguishing feature is the extraction of meaning from users' queries without the use of syntactic or semantic representations. Two approaches to identifying the users' intended meanings were investigated: keyword-based systems(More)