Nikolaos Moschopoulos

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—Complex arithmetic operations are widely used in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications. In this work, we focus on optimizing the design of the fused Add-Multiply (FAM) operator for increasing performance. We investigate techniques to implement the direct recoding of the sum of two numbers in its Modified Booth (MB) form. We introduce a structured(More)
In this paper we present a new 12T loadless SRAM cell that exhibits soft error resilience characteristics. The proposed cell is based on an interlocked structure with guard gates that provides an x80 increase in soft error resilience compared to a typical unprotected 6T SRAM cell, while addressing the static power consumption issue of modern CMOS(More)
Timing has a key role in several traffic control functions encountered in modern packet-switched networks. In order to be effective, a timing unit must provide fine resolution, be simple to implement and scale well with the number of controlled traffic streams. This paper addresses the design, implementation and evaluation of a timing unit that can support(More)