Nikolaos Moschopoulos

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—Complex arithmetic operations are widely used in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications. In this work, we focus on optimizing the design of the fused Add-Multiply (FAM) operator for increasing performance. We investigate techniques to implement the direct recoding of the sum of two numbers in its Modified Booth (MB) form. We introduce a structured(More)
International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA) is a popular and secure cryptography algorithm, suitable for hardware implementation. IDEA comprises of modulo 2<sup>16</sup> additions, bitwise exclusive-OR operations and modulo 2<sup>16+1</sup> multiplications of 16-bit words. Among them, modulo 2<sup>16+1</sup> multiplication is the most time, space and(More)
In this work new efficient modulo 2<sup>n</sup>+1 residue generators are proposed. The input operands are divided into n-bit vectors which are added by an inverted end around carry save adder tree and a final stage diminished-1 modulo 2<sup>n</sup>+1 adder. The conversion of the proposed residue generators to configurable modulo 2<sup>n</sup>&#x00B1;1 ones(More)