Nikolaos Minogiannis

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In this paper we introduce the implementation of a streaming video distribution scheme based on client relay modules. The purpose is the formation and maintenance of an overlay network architecture responsible for the dispensation of streaming traffic to end-clients. This architecture has been based on the use of modular system components that can(More)
In this paper, a comprehensive e-learning service framework is presented. The individual applications that comprise the framework are described through the process of network requirements identification and application implementation description. The framework described has been implemented during the MOICANE IST project [1], and the evaluation of the(More)
The main contribution of this paper is to describe an eLearning framework suitable for offering live streaming functionality in the context of educational purposes. The proposed platform is a decentralized, end-to-end solution that can be deployed irrespectively of the underlying network infrastructure without posing any additional requirements. The(More)
In this paper, a comprehensive e-tutoring service framework is presented. It compromises a set of individual applications implemented based on the use of existing open source tools. The significant point here is the flexibility of the implementation proposed, that allows it to use a combination of unicast and multicast without posing any requirements for(More)
The need for establishing bandwidth guaranteed paths in IP networks and the requirement for making optimal use of the available resources becomes more and more crucial due to the significant development of data-intensive multimedia applications. In this paper, we discuss the techniques and the mechanisms for exercising traffic engineering in contemporary IP(More)
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