Nikolaos Michalakis

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Many existing peer-to-peer content distribution networks (CDNs) such as Na Kika, CoralCDN, and CoDeeN are deployed on PlanetLab, a relatively trusted environment. But scaling them beyond this trusted boundary requires protecting against content corruption by untrusted replicas. This paper presents Repeat and Compare, a system for ensuring content integrity(More)
This paper addresses the need Cor ephemeral file sharing in proximity networks and explores the necessary requirements that a mobile distributed file system (M-DFS) should satisfy in order to operate properly under typical conditions of such networks.. We chose an M-DFS design based on the widely deployed NFS because of its ease of portability, lightweight(More)
Dynamic content is increasingly popular, easy to create and publish Example: mash-ups = crime reports over Google Maps = real estate stats over Microsoft Virtual Earth Easy to realize on a home server Scalable Move content creation and transformation to the internet's edge Computing power and bandwidth to serve local clients(More)
In pervasive computing environments certain applications are interested in a user's location in order to provide a service. Such applications would benefit from an architecture that enables users to prove their location prior to requesting a service. We present PA C, an architecture for location-aware access control in pervasive computing environments,(More)
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