Nikolaos Maglaveras

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Health status management of heart failure patients is a rather complex and difficult procedure. Currently, a well-promising approach facilitating this aim is home care systems, which provide monitoring, educational and surveillance services over several communication platforms, guaranteeing continuity and quality of care. In this paper, a Multi-Agent System(More)
Data mining is the process of discovering interesting knowledge, such as patterns, associations, changes, anomalies and significant structures, from large amounts of data stored in databases, data warehouses, or other information repositories. Mining Associations is one of the techniques involved in the process mentioned above and used in this paper.(More)
This work investigates the relation between the complexity of electroencephalography (EEG) signal, as measured by fractal dimension (FD), and normal sleep structure in terms of its macrostructure and microstructure. Sleep features are defined, encoding sleep stage and cyclic alternating pattern (CAP) related information, both in short and long term. The(More)
Diabetes management by insulin administration is based on medical experts' experience, intuition, and expertise. As there is very little information in medical literature concerning practical aspects of this issue, medical experts adopt their own rules for insulin regimen specification and dose adjustment. This paper investigates the application of a neural(More)
Two ECG processing techniques are described for the classification of QRSs, PVCs and normal and ischaemic beats. The techniques use neural network (NN) technology in two ways. The first technique, uses nonlinear ECG mapping preprocessing and subsequently for classification uses a shrinking algorithm based on NNs. This technique is applied to the QRS/PVC(More)
In this paper we present the Uncertainty Rule Generator tool and the algorithm used. This data-mining tool generates uncertainty rules as a part of the Knowledge Discovery in Databases process and is tested upon a home-care database containing data from congestive heart failure patients over a period of approx. 10 months. This algorithm can handle dynamic(More)
The Citizen Health System (CHS) is a European Commission (CEC) funded project in the field of IST for Health. It has developed a generic contact center, which can be used in the monitoring, treatment and management of chronically ill patients at home such as congestive heart failure (CHF) patients. The virtue of the CHS contact center is that using any type(More)
In the context of the PANACEIA-ITV IST European project, a home care service provision system is described based on interactive TV technology. The purpose of PANACEIA-ITV is to facilitate essential lifestyle changes and to promo te compliance with scientifically sound self-care recommendations, through the application of interactive digital television for(More)
— Non-invasive monitoring of a patient's vital signs outside the medical centre is essential for the remote management of chronic cardiovascular diseases (CVD), such as Heart Failure (HF) and Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). In this work we present preliminary results from pre-clinical testing of the IMAGE sensing platform, a wearable device which we designed(More)
This work aims to propose new methodologies for the quantitative characterization of insomnia. Sleep microstructure, as expressed by Cyclic Alternatic pattern (CAP) sleep, is studied and differences between normal sleepers and insomniacs are investigated. The dynamic in the structure of CAP activation events is studied by use of wavelet analysis and the(More)