Nikolaos M. Vaxevanidis

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In the present paper Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) models are proposed for the prediction of surface roughness in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). For this purpose two well-known programs, namely Matlab with associated toolboxes, as well as Netlab , were employed. Training of the models was performed with data from an extensive series of EDM(More)
Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms have been implemented so far to manufacturing tasks as optimization modules. Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms are based on the concept of natural selection of species to later produce new individuals. However, different selection mechanisms between species may occur when other populations are incorporated to already(More)
The present paper investigates the influence of main cutting parameters on the machinability during turning process for three typical materials namely AISI D6 tool steel, Ti6Al4V ELI and CuZn39Pb3 brass, all three under dry cutting environment. Spindle speed, feed rate and depth of cut were selected for study whilst arithmetic surface roughness average (Ra)(More)
Sculptured surface machining is a material removal operation essentially adopted to manufacture complex products. Computing optimal tool paths with reference to ideally designed CAD models is indispensable to be able to suggest machining improvements in terms of high quality and productivity. The present paper proposes a new methodology based on a(More)
In recent years there is a small but increasing number of articles presenting and/or analyzing the scientific production from discrete geographical regions on a certain scientific topic. These articles applied the so-called bibliometric methods in order to evaluate the contribution of different countries in a scientific research field. In the present work,(More)
In the present paper Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are applied in order to predict the buckling modes of thin-walled PVC tubes under compressive axial forces. For the development of the models the neural network toolbox of Matlab ® was applied. The results show that these models can satisfactorily face these problems and they constitute not only a fast(More)
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