Nikolaos Limnios

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In this paper, we propose an algorithm based on Binary Decision Diagram (BDD) for computing all-terminal reliability. It is defined as the probability that the nodes in the network can communicate to each other, taking into account the possible failures of network links. The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated by performing experiments on several(More)
We consider repairable reliability systems with m components, the lifetimes and repair times of which are independent. The l-th component can be either in the failure state 0 or in the perfect state dl or in one of the degradation states {1, 2, . . . , dl − 1}. The time of staying in any of these states is a random variable following a discrete distribution(More)
Performability was introduced by Meyer (1980) [12] in order to generalize the notion of reliability and performance related measures. From a mathematical point of view this notion is defined by a sum or integral of a reward rate function defined on the state space of the system, known as an integral functional of the underling stochastic process. For a(More)
Many manufacturing enterprisers use a production inventory system to manage fluctuations in consumer demand for the product. Such a system consists of a manufacturing plant and a finished goods warehouse to store those products which are manufactured but not immediately sold. The advantages of having products in inventory are as follows: first, they are(More)
In this paper, a software rejuvenation model is presented in which two different rejuvenation actions are considered, perfect and minimal. The concept of a failed rejuvenation action which leads the system to failure is also introduced. The presented model is studied under a Continuous Time Markov Chain (CTMC) framework and a maximum likelihood estimator of(More)
Among the numerous questions remaining opened about catalytic antibodies (abzymes), the understanding of the origin of the genes encoding them is of vital significance. An original statistical analysis of genes encoding abzymes is described in the present report. Results suggested that these genes display a high conservation degree with their germline(More)