Nikolaos Kazantzis

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Homework assignments have been studied extensively in psychotherapy research, but there is little data on the way in which homework is transferred to clinical practice. A survey was conducted of 827 practicing psychologists nationwide regarding their use and attitudes toward homework. Overall, 68% of the present sample indicated that they "often" or "almost(More)
A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of a discrete-time nonlinear observer with linearizable error dynamics is provided. The result can be applied to any real analytic nonlinear system whose linear part is observable. The necessary and sufficient condition derived is associated with the solvability of a nonlinear functional equation. A(More)
This article offers both a practice-friendly review of research on therapists' personal therapy and a new study of personal psychotherapy among 3,995 psychologists, counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, and nurses in 6 English-speaking countries. The prevalence of personal therapy as it relates to professional discipline, theoretical orientation,(More)
The present study investigated both the direct and delayed effects of a 50 Hz, 100 microT magnetic field on human performance. Eighty subjects completed a visual duration discrimination task, half being exposed to the field and the other half sham exposed. The delayed effects of this field were also examined in a recognition memory task that followed(More)
or sensor disturbances is proposed. The nonlinear observer design problem is addressed within a similar methodological framework as the one introduced in [8,11] for state estimation purposes only. From a mathematical standpoint, the problem under consideration is addressed through a system of first-order singular PDEs for which a rather general set of(More)