Nikolaos I. Spanoudakis

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A multiagent system uses argumentation-based interaction in an ambient-intelligence context to provide services for people with different combinations of impairments. This paper focuses on ambient intelligence system of agents for knowledge-based and integrated services for mobility-impaired users integrated projectpsilas (ASK-ITIP) furthered the challenge(More)
& In this paper we present the Gaia2JADE process concerning how one can implement a multiagent system with the JADE framework using the Gaia methodology for analysis and design purposes. This process is particularly dedicated to the conversion of Gaia models to JADE code. It is described using the Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM) and extends(More)
This paper provides an insight on the special requirements of accessibility content and services in an ambient intelligence context and proposes an agent-based approach into a more general service oriented architecture for addressing them. It is based on previous approaches for agent-based information systems regarding infomobility services adding the(More)
This paper shows how an AOSE methodology, the Agent Systems Engineering Methodology (ASEME), uses state of the art technologies from the Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) domain. We present the Agent Modeling Language (AMOLA) metamodels and the model transformation tools that we developed and discuss our choices. Moreover, the way that non-functional(More)
In this paper we present how to use the Agent MOdeling LAnguage (AMOLA) to define agent interaction protocols and how to integrate these in an agent model. AMOLA provides the syntax and semantics for creating models of multi-agent systems covering the analysis and design phases of a software development process. It supports a modular agent design approach(More)
The development of high-level behavior for autonomous robots is a time-consuming task even for experts. This paper presents a ComputerAided Software Engineering (CASE) tool, named Kouretes Statechart Editor (KSE), which enables the developer to easily specify a desired robot behavior as a statechart model utilizing a variety of base robot functionalities(More)
Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) is one of the fields of the agent domain with a continuous growing interest. The reason is that the possibility to easily specify and implement agent-based systems is of a great importance for the recognition of the add-value of the agent technology in many application fields. In this paper we present an attempt(More)
This paper describes an agent-based service network architecture proposed for a real world application for the infomobility sector. This sector demands that mobile users (i.e. roaming users using mobile phones, PDAs, etc) have access to accurate real-time location-based services that are inherently distributed throughout the web. Such are traffic(More)