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The ultimate success of the Wireless Mesh Network paradigm (WMN) in large scale deployments depends on the ability to test it in real world scenarios. A typical application scenario which is worth to be investigated in such a context is peer-to-peer traffic management. The creation of large scale testbeds for evaluating wireless mesh technologies and(More)
The gradually growing need for testbed use so as networking algorithms to be validated in real environment, has given rise to optimal utilization of testbed resources. Towards this direction, we present a new management tool that is used for assessing channel quality information in wireless testbed deployments. NITOS Connectivity Tool retrieves data(More)
Creating large scale testbeds for evaluating wireless mesh technologies and protocols, and for testing their ability to support real world applications in realistic environments, is a crucial step towards the ultimate success of the WMN paradigm. In this paper we suggest the hierarchical federation of a planetary scale infrastructure, such as PlanetLab,(More)
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