Nikolaos G Siatis

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A comparative study of traditional simultaneous distillation extraction (SDE), microwave assisted hydrodistillation extraction (MWHD) and ultrasound-assisted extraction (USE) is presented, for the extraction of essential oils from fresh garlic (Allium sativum) cloves. Each method is evaluated in terms of qualitative and quantitative composition of the(More)
A new method for mass percentage determination of fructose and glucose based on FT-Raman spectroscopy is evaluated with a standard HPLC-based method. FT-Raman spectra manipulation is done via the spectrometer software, and a PLS (partial least squares) method is developed with the TQ Analyst software (Ver 1. 1a). The simultaneous quantitative determination(More)
Obstetrical fractures (epiphysiolysis) of the upper epiphysis of the femur are among the rarest and most interesting injuries in the new-born. About forty cases have been reported, but it is probable that many such cases have been overlooked because many obstetricians, radiologists and paediatricians are insufficiently aware of the signs of this fracture.(More)
A simple and rapid method for the quantitative determination of four major components found in oregano and thyme essential oils is presented. The method correlates the Raman peak intensity in the spectral region from 1800 to 600 cm(-1) and the concentration percentage of each particular constituent in the sample. To achieve accurate quantification results(More)
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