Nikolaos Athanasopoulos

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This paper considers the problem of stability analysis of discrete-time dynamics that are positively homogeneous of degree one. An example of a homogeneous and even continuous dynamics that is globally exponentially stable and that does not admit any λ-contractive proper C-set is presented. This motivates us to propose a natural generalization of(More)
Abstract: In this paper, the stabilization problem of discrete-time bilinear systems by linear state-feedback control is investigated. First, conditions guaranteeing the positive invariance of polyhedral sets with respect to nonlinear systems with second order polynomial nonlinearity are established. Then these results are used for the determination of(More)
Anaerobically stabilized effluents of dried vine fruit industry were successfully treated in earthworm filters. The species L. rubelus was used. At COD loadings of up to 0.2 Kg COD/m2d the reactors responded well for an operation period of 15 months when experiments ceased. COD removal was 95% for loadings of 0.10 and 0.15 Kg COD/m2d. Earthworm biomass(More)
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We present necessary and sufficient conditions for global exponential stability for switched discrete-time linear systems, under arbitrary switching, which is constrained within a set of admissible transitions. The class of systems studied includes the family of systems under arbitrary switching, periodic systems, and systems with minimum and maximum dwell(More)
BACKGROUND This investigation comprises a contribution on the production of a new generation biofuel using the industrial liquid waste of bioethanol distilleries, known as vinasse. This study focuses on the exploitation of vinasse as an acidogenesis substrate for volatile fatty acids and simultaneous ethanol production. These products can be used for ester(More)
Exploiting the benefits of virtualization, web services are consolidated in large data centers. Managing the performance of such complex systems is a critical problem. Providers must offer applications with high quality of service (QoS) and performance and simultaneously achieve optimal utilization of their infrastructure. Meeting their Service Level(More)