Nikolaos Antonakopoulos

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Gestational diabetes, occurring during the hyperglycemic period of pregnancy in maternal life, is a pathologic state that increases the incidence of complications in both mother and fetus. Offspring thus exposed to an adverse fetal and early postnatal environment may manifest increased susceptibility to a number of chronic diseases later in life. Compelling(More)
Considering that preterm birth accounts for about 6-10% of all births in Western countries and of more than 65% of all perinatal deaths, elucidation of the particularly complicated mechanisms of labor is essential for determination of appropriate and effective therapeutic interventions. Labor in humans results from a complex interplay of fetal and maternal(More)
BACKGROUND Influenza is associated with an increased risk for serious illness, hospitalization, and mortality in infants aged <6 months. However, influenza vaccines are not licensed for administration in this age group. The study evaluated the effectiveness of postpartum influenza vaccination of mothers and household members in infants. METHODS The(More)
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