Nikolaos Agelousis

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The present study investigated the generalizability of contextual interference effects by extending previous laboratory and field research to novel movements controlled by different motor programs. 30 men and 33 women learned novel throwing and kicking tasks, practicing with blocked, serial, or random schedules. The subjects practiced the tasks four days a(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescents spend an increasing amount of their time engaged in screen using activities. The present study aimed at identifying parental factors associated with screen time among Greek adolescents. METHODS A sample of 1141 adolescents, as well as their parents, participated in this survey. Adolescents were asked to complete a questionnaire(More)
BACKGROUND Nowadays, the majority of adolescents exceed the AAP guidelines for screen use and this is likely to be a risk factor for obesity. The current study aims at investigating adolescent screen viewing in the context of home and neighborhood environment. METHODS A sample of 1141 adolescents as well as their parents participated in this survey.(More)
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