Nikolaj J. C. Groeneweg

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Today most mobile telephones come equipped with a camera. This gives rise to interesting new possibilities for applications of computer vision, such as building recognition software running locally on the mobile phone. Algorithms for building recognition need to be robust under noise, occlusion, varying lighting conditions and different points of view. We(More)
In this article we describe the development of an application for mobile landmark recognition called ‘Poire’ (Point Of Interest Recognizer). A user should be able to walk through an unknown environment, make a picture of a landmark/point of interest, after which our application returns on topic information. The approach taken was twofold. On the one hand it(More)
In 1993 Albach investigated the long-term consequences of sexual abuse on psychological health. A group of abused women a a control group of nonabused women were asked to fill in a questionnaire assessing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For ethical reasons, the abused women were warned that filling in the questionnaire might be emotionally stressful.(More)
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