Nikolai P Eltsov

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Through extended survey of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) diversity in the Nganasan, Yukaghir, Chuvantsi, Chukchi, Siberian Eskimos, and Commander Aleuts, we filled important gaps in previously unidentified internal sequence variation within haplogroups A, C, and D, three of five (A-D and X) canonical mtDNA lineages that defined Pleistocenic extension from the(More)
To fill remaining gaps in mitochondrial DNA diversity in the least surveyed eastern and western flanks of Siberia, 391 mtDNA samples (144 Tubalar from Altai, 87 Even from northeastern Siberia, and 160 Ulchi from the Russian Far East) were characterized via high-resolution restriction fragment length polymorphism/single nucleotide polymorphisms analysis. The(More)
The mtDNA variation has been studied in representatives of the Russkoe Ust’e (n = 30), Kolyma (n = 31), and Markovo (n = 26) ethnic subgroups originating from Russian military men, hunters, and fishers who married local Yukaghir women and settled at the Arctic Ocean coast and on the Anadyr’ River more than 350 years ago. The mtDNA haplotypes characteristic(More)
Based on the mtDNA first hypervariable segment sequence variation data, statistical analysis of the diversity in Yukaghirs in comparison with the other indigenous populations of Siberia, was carried out. The level of the Yukaghir mtDNA gene diversity (GD) constituted 0.920, which was only slightly different from the corresponding estimate for the other(More)
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