Nikolai N. Polushin

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Synthesis of new terminus modifiers, bearing, along with a phosphoramidite moiety, one, two or four methoxyoxalamido (MOX) precursor groups, is described. These modifiers are introduced onto the 5'-end of a synthetic oligodeoxyribonucleotide as the last step of an automated synthesis to form the MOX precursor oligonucleotide. The MOX groups are then(More)
Design of site-selective artificial ribonucleases (aRNases) is one of the most challenging tasks in RNA targeting. Here, we designed and studied oligonucleotide-based aRNases containing multiple imidazole residues in the catalytic part and systematically varied structure of cleaving constructs. We demonstrated that the ribonuclease activity of the(More)
Oligonucleotides bearing a terminal lipophilic group attached through a biodegradable ester bond should be useful as antisense pro-drugs with improved cellular uptake. The synthesis of 5'-ester oligonucleotides is, however, problematic due to lability of the ester bond during aqueous ammonia treatment that is commonly used for the deprotection of synthetic(More)
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