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A very rare--casuistic--case of endometriosis is presented, which appeared ten years after surgical menopause (hysterectomy and ovariectomy) without concomitant use of hormone replacement therapy or phytoestrogens. The possibilities of endogenous production and exogenous supply of estrogens in the female organism are discussed as well as the possible causes(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of three different combinations of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on insulin secretion, peripheral insulin sensitivity, serum lipid levels and parameters of oxidative stress. Seven type II diabetic women of mean age 55.4 +/- 4.7 years, who had been menopausal for an average of 5 years, were enrolled(More)
BACKGROUND Data on the prevalence of macroprolactinemia in patients with prolactinomas is quite limited as the presence of high-molecular prolactin forms is suspected mainly in subjects with mild hyperprolactinemia and negative pituitary imaging. OBJECTIVE The main objective of this observational case-control study was to assess the prevalence and(More)
BACKGROUND In general, drug metabolism has to be considered to avoid adverse effects and ineffective therapy. In particular, chemotherapeutic drug cocktails strain drug metabolizing enzymes especially the cytochrome P450 family (CYP). Furthermore, a number of important chemotherapeutic drugs such as cyclophosphamide, ifosfamide, tamoxifen or procarbazine(More)
The aim of this study was to follow up the effect of an 8-week treatment with amlodipine given alone or in combination with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on blood pressure and active renin in postmenopausal women with mild to moderate arterial hypertension using both conventional clinical blood pressure measurements and ambulatory blood pressure(More)
Background. Macroprolactin, the high-molecular prolactin isoform, is considered to be an inactive in vivo product with extrapituitary origin. Patients with macroprolactinemia are usually asymptomatic, with negative pituitary imaging. Based on these data, most authors do not recommend treatment and long-term followup in subjects with macroprolactinemia.(More)
The global financial and economic crisis caught social scientists and decision makers by surprise. They did not possess explanatory and predictive conceptual frameworks needed for coping with the crisis. This finding provokes critical analysis of available sociological concepts and constructive argumentation in three steps. First, disparities are identified(More)
The striking electoral success of the Ataka party in 2005 and 2009 challenges the scholarly analysis and the political decision-making alike. Do really extreme right wing ideology and policies have fertile ground in Bulgaria? If yes, why is this the case and to what extent? Combining historical and social-structural approaches, the author concludes that the(More)
Menopause is associated with two main risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus--impaired beta-cell insulin secretion and insulin resistance. Physiologically estrogens improve carbohydrate metabolism, but this is not the case with different progestogens. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of Cyproterone acetate (a(More)