Nikolai G. Nikolov

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AIM To document the therapeutic efficacy and safety of Human Normal Immunoglobulin 10% Liquid (KIOVIG(®)/GAMMAGARD LIQUID(®) [IVIG 10%]) under clinical routine conditions. PATIENTS & METHODS Subjects received IVIG 10% according to the prescribing information and were followed for 6 ± 1 weeks to 12 ± 2 months depending on indication. Efficacy, adverse(More)
We prove that the universal lattices – the groups G = SL d (R) where R = Z[x1,. .. , x k ], have property τ for d ≥ 3. This provides the first example of linear groups with τ which do not come from arithmetic groups. We also give a lower bound for the τ-constant with respect to the natural generating set of G. Our methods are based on bounded elementary(More)
We prove that the symmetrized polydisc cannot be exhausted by domains biholomorphic to convex domains. The set G n = σ n (D n) is called the symmetrized n-disc. The sym-metrized bidisc G 2 is the first example of a bounded pseudoconvex domain, which is not biholomorphic to any convex domain and on which the Carathéodory and Kobayashi distances coincide (see(More)
We prove that the multipole Lempert function is monotone under inclusion of pole sets. Let D be a domain in C n and let A = (a j) l j=1 , 1 ≤ l ≤ ∞, be a countable (i.e. l = ∞) or a non–empty finite subset of D (i.e. l ∈ N). Moreover, fix a function p : D −→ R + with |p| := {a ∈ D : p(a) > 0} = A. p is called a pole function for A on D and |p| its pole set.(More)
We show that if the Kobayashi–Royden metric of a complex manifold is continuous and positive at a given point and any non-zero tangent vector, then the " derivatives " of the higher order Lempert functions exist and equal the respective Kobayashi metrics at the point. It is a generalization of a result by M. Kobaya-shi for taut manifolds.