Nikolai Andreev

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Changes in chemical sensitivity of peripheral nociceptors following injury or inflammation have been studied in in vitro preparation of the saphenous nerve-hind paw skin from adult rats. Heat hyperalgesia in the hind paw was induced by a prior ultraviolet irradiation and the skin from these animals was investigated five days later. Polymodal nociceptors(More)
The purpose of this article is to prove that the product of all possible pairwise distances between twelve points located on the unit sphere in a 3-dimensional Euclidean space is not greater than 2 132 =5 30 , and this maximal value is attained on the vertices of a regular icosahedron inscribed in the sphere. 2 3 = 1g be the unit sphere in the 3-dimensional(More)
A narrow-band picosecond pulse of Kα X-rays is the promising tool for probing dense plasmas [1], but the conversion efficiency of laser energy comes short of the values achieved for the He-α and Ly-α [2]. Several mechanisms of hot electron generation, essential in different ranges of laser pulse and target parameters, are known [3]. It is shown that K-α(More)
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