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We investigate architectural properties required for supporting automatic service composition. First, composable service architecture will be described, based on modeling Web services as abstract machines supported by formally defined composition operators. Based on the proposed infrastructure we give several options for achieving automatic service(More)
We propose a model-based methodology for integration of heterogeneous distributed systems, based on the multi-level modeling abstractions, automated conflict analysis and connector code generation. The focus in this paper is on the metamodeling foundation necessary for this process, and consequently we introduce computation independent, platform specific,(More)
W ireless technologies such as General Packet Radio Service, Wi-Fi, Home-RF, and Bluetooth make it possible to access the Web from mobile phones, print documents from PDAs, and synchronize data among various office devices. However, such applications rely at some point on mobility support routers or base stations, and it is often necessary to establish(More)
We present formal and practical foundations for Web service composition framework with composition correctness guarantees. We introduce contractual composition model based on two isomorphic description models: Contract Definition Language (XML) and abstract machines (formal notation). Composition operators (patterns) are used to perform composition which is(More)