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In the paper, a new method for modelling trees at medium detail is presented. The method is based on a volumetric representation of trees, generated by an iterated function system (IFS). Alleviating the modeling restrictions of fractal techniques, extensions to the standard IFS are introduced. Practical aspects of modeling and rendering of trees, such as(More)
This paper deals with an overview and analysis of methods for inspecting surface quality. The overview is done by a new classification based on common mathematical concept yielding four groups of methods. First, techniques based on curvature, such as colour-coded map, lines of curvature, isolines of curvature, and focal surfaces are considered. They are(More)
In the paper we present the parallel implementation of the alpha-beta algorithm running on the graphics processing unit (GPU). We compare the speed of the parallel player with the standard serial one using the game of reversi with boards of different sizes. We show that for small boards the level of available parallelism is insufficient for efficient GPU(More)
We present a framework for the simulation of forests, where a complex application system simulates a spontaneous afforestation process. Within this virtual environment, trees can be seen to grow over several centuries. The obtained simulation results are used to animate ecosystem development, where trees struggle for survival. The visualization of trees is(More)
In this paper we propose an interactive user friendly tool to design tree models. Our tool enables more flexible and rapid construction of procedural models by use of graphs to design local branch parameters as vector data. Our obtained procedural models can also be shaped by placing them in natural environments. Built procedural models can be used in up to(More)