Nikola Grujić

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Motivation in sport performance has been an interesting topic for many investigators during the past decade. This area can be considered from different viewpoints: motivation for participation in sport activity, achievement motivation, competitiveness etc. Motivation plays an important role in all out tests, as well as in sport activities and at all levels(More)
INTRODUCTION A number of articles on physical activity analyze the effects of acute bouts of physical exercise on the whole body. These experiments mainly include questionnaires and measurements of reaction time. The use of event-related potentials in laboratories for functional diagnostics is only of recent date. The aim of this experiment was to give(More)
The investigations were aimed at the study of effects of preparations which belong to the benzodiazepine group-Clonazepam (CZ), on total bioelectric activity (EEG) and epileptic discharge induced by electrostimulation of the hippocampus in the experimental animals (awake adult rabbits). Clonazepam was administered both intramuscularly (i.m.) and(More)
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