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Parallelism and distribution have been considered the key features of neural processing. The term parallel distributed processing is even used as a synonym for ar-tiicial neural networks. Nevertheless, the actual implementations are still in search of the appropriate model to "naturally represent" neural computing. And the-nal judgement is always given in(More)
—Component ensembles are a promising way of building self-aware autonomic adaptive systems. This approach has been promoted by the EU project ASCENS, which develops the core idea of ensembles by providing rigorous semantics as well as models and methods for the whole development life cycle of an ensemble-based system. These methods specifically address(More)
In this paper an approach to provide Web-based framework for distributed execution of collaborative applications is presented. The work is a part of a wider ongoing project whose aim is to make environmental simulation models publicly available to the Internet users. The Web computing skeleton has been constructed from prefabricated Web-enabled components(More)
—The aim of this paper is to describe a system whose final goal is to detect if a driver is drowsy, in order to prevent potentially danger situations. The system is based on the processing of the driver's face image, acquired by a webcam installed on the dashboard of the car. After a brief introduction explaining the connection of the present work to the(More)