Niko Strobach

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This paper is about Arthur Prior’s first published piece of philosophy, “The Nation and the Individual” (1937). Its aims are (1) to show that Prior made a remarkable contribution to social ontology in the 1930s; (2) to interpret Prior’s proposal as a promise of reduction by translation; (3) to connect Prior’s ideas with Searle’s social ontology. I. Arthur(More)
The paper re-evaluates Prior’s tenets about indeterminism and relativity from the point of view of the current state of the debate. We first discuss Prior’s claims about indeterministic tense logic and about relativity separately and confront them with new technical developments. Then we combine the two topics in a discussion of indeterministic approaches(More)
In chapters 2.5–7 of the Prior Analytics Aristotle is concerned with what he calls circular proof. He gives an account of circular proofs within the framework of his syllogistic theory, and discusses how they come about in the three figures of categorical syllogisms. The results of this discussion are summarized at the end of chapter 2.7, at 59a32–41. The(More)
Preface John McDowell is one of the most influential philosophers writing today. His work, ranging widely from interpretations of Plato and Aris-totle to Davidsonian semantics, from ethics to epistemology and the philosophy of mind, has set the agenda for many recent philosophical debates. In recent years, McDowell's views have been hotly discussed among(More)
A very broad range of foundational issues is relevant for this workshop. We can, roughly and incompletely, enumerate the following. First, the paradoxes such as Russell's paradox and the Knower paradox; second, intensional contexts and their substitutivity problems; third, the logic of the notions that generate intensionl contexts, eg, doxastic logic, modal(More)
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