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This article presents the design of a variable gain amplifier (VGA) with a new control circuitry, enabling a linear control of the gain while ensuring input return loss matching. While changing the gain by 47dB, the phase is less than 4°, making this VGA a suitable building block for multi-antenna frontends. The VGA together with the novel control(More)
This paper describes the work that is currently performed in the European FP7 project “A Holistic Approach Toward the Development of the First Responder of the Future”, that is funded by the European Commission under its Security Program. This work aims at providing an overview of a novel emergency network architecture. It represents a(More)
In this article a fully differential CMOS attenuator with automatic matching and control linearization is presented. The circuit was measured from 100 MHz to 10 GHz and exhibits a phase variation of only 4° within an attenuation control range of 30 dB. The maximum gain control range is almost 50 dB. The control circuitry draws less than 500 μA(More)
In this paper, a fully integrated active reflector transponder for the localization and quick evacuation of passengers in the sea in case that passengers are overboard is presented. The backscatter tag is based on a cross-coupled oscillator topology using the switched injection-locked oscillator (SILO) principle and is implemented in a frequency modulated(More)