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Preface In writing a book, one encounters and overcomes many obstacles. Not the least of which is the occasional case of writer's block. This is especially true in mathematics where sometimes the answer is currently and may for all time be unknown. There is nothing worse than writing yourself into a corner where your only exit is to build a door by solving(More)
Daily feed intake data of 1 279 French Landrace (FL, 1 039 boars and 240 castrates) and 2 417 Large White (LW, 2 032 boars and 385 castrates) growing pigs were recorded with electronic feed dispensers in three French central testing stations from 1992-1994. Male (35 to 95 kg live body weight) or castrated (100 kg live body weight) group housed, ad libitum(More)
A random regression model for daily feed intake and a conventional multiple trait animal model for the four traits average daily gain on test (ADG), feed conversion ratio (FCR), carcass lean content and meat quality index were combined to analyse data from 1449 castrated male Large White pigs performance tested in two French central testing stations in(More)
Es ist beschrieben worden, dass die Hormonaktivitetät der foetalen Plazenta die Euterent-wicklung während der Trächtighkeit stimuliert, und dass diese Stimulierung sich auch auf die Milchleistung nach dem Abkalben auswirkt. Bei der vorliegenden Untersuchung wird die Hypothese getestet, dass der Vater des Foetus auch auf die Milchleistung der betreffenden(More)
yield is carried out only on the basis of first lactation yi 3 ld. A formula is developed for computing the optimal culling rate, which is a function of the expected difference in yield between first and later lactations and of the repeatability of yield. The mean yield of the current herd is little affected by culling. At the optimum of about 70 per cent(More)
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